• What is Data

    Data recovery involves an engineer accessing lost data on a cell phone, computer, tablet or other device through a variety of means. It can help in both criminal and civil investigations.

    Fortify Your Case
  • Can You Recover
    Cell Phone Data?

    Yes we can! Our team uses state of the art technology and tools to recover this type of data. No two cases are ever alike, so it's very important to make sure an expert is working on your case.

    Procuring Evidence
  • Do You Work With Computer Forensics?

    Our team utilizes the most current and cutting-edge tools in the industry to gather lost data on computers for attorneys and private investigators. Find out what our team can do for you!

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Blog Posts in October, 2014

Cell Phone Forensics Prove Helpful in Sexual Harassment Cases

Unfortunately, proving that indecent conduct occurred in sexual harassment cases can be extremely difficult. Without tangible evidence it can turn into a battle of "he said, she said" and ...
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