Cell Phone Forensics Prove Helpful in Sexual Harassment Cases

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    Data recovery involves an engineer accessing lost data on a cell phone, computer, tablet or other device through a variety of means. It can help in both criminal and civil investigations.

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    Yes we can! Our team uses state of the art technology and tools to recover this type of data. No two cases are ever alike, so it's very important to make sure an expert is working on your case.

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Cell Phone Forensics Prove Helpful in Sexual Harassment Cases

Unfortunately, proving that indecent conduct occurred in sexual harassment cases can be extremely difficult. Without tangible evidence it can turn into a battle of "he said, she said" and the accused gets off with merely a warning. But what if new technology could change all of this?

In a recent sexual harassment case, our team of analysts used our cutting edge cell phone forensics technology to uncover valuable evidence. The evidence we found was then able to provide a positive case resolution.

Cell Phones Store Data, Even Texts

The cell phone you carry around is essentially a mini computer, storing data on relationships you maintain and conversations you've had. Anything entered into that phone is recorded and as our world advances, it is becoming more difficult to permanently delete data. While this isn't always well-received by cell phone users, it is an invaluable asset for civil and criminal matters such as sexual harassment cases.

New phone models emerge every day. This widespread playing field makes the right forensics software an absolute necessity when navigating each different phone. At Advanced Micro Resource, our hardware is some of the best in the industry. We have the tools necessary to thoroughly examine the cell phone in question and recall indispensable evidence to further prove the case.

With our cell phone forensics, we can retrieve deleted text messages, pictures, phone call information, important documents, video, and even address books and emails. The new frontier of cell phone forensics is giving hope to sexual harassment victims in proving their cases and our team is at the forefront of this changing landscape.

If you believe your case would benefit from cell phone forensics, contact Advanced Micro Resource today. We are happy to provide you with a free case consultation to determine how we can best meet your needs. Our nearly 20 years of experience gives us complete confidence that our technology can positively advance your case.

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