Alphonso Rivera Featured in Bakersfield Magazine article

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Alphonso Rivera Featured in Bakersfield Magazine article

An article in Bakersfield Magazine details an enthusiasm for electronics and science in general which has fueled Alphonso Rivera of Advanced Micro Resource even from a young age. Young Alphonso got his start watching his father fix televisions before moving on to radios.

Rivera began working for Tandy Corp., one of the first microcomputer assemblers, while in his senior year of high school where he earned multiple computer certifications in Unix along with other operating systems. “I was like a kid in a candy store,” Rivera muses.

His technical acumen took him from Bakersfield College where he studied electronics, to Taft College to learn digital instrumentation, to UCLA to study system management and IT, finally to Western Governors University where he majored in business.

Advanced Micro Resource is Born

Rivera spent the mid to late 90s teaching engineering at high schools before launching what would become Advanced Micro Resource in 2000. The focus even at this point was on education: “we provide STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—programs for school districts and non-profit agencies,” Rivera explained.

“We provide the teacher, curriculum, supplies, and equipment and offer a host of programs including Robotics Engineering, Computer Coding, IC3 Certification, Music Engineering, CSI Forensics, and Animate to Educate. When a school district or private agency hires us, all they have to do is provide a classroom and the students, we take care of the rest.”

Rivera noted while there is and should be a demand for technology education, those like him are at the mercy of state funding for such programs. While money is never guaranteed, Rivera continues to invest in the staff, researching, and program development, among other things.

A Valuable Legal Resource

Around 1996 Rivera began getting contacted by attorneys who knew he has a unique background in computers and electronics. “I was able to scan and index large case files into a computer and search and locate testimony and words used in those reports. This saved attorneys hours of time when they were locating information.”

This launched the Digital Forensics Division of Advanced Micro Resource in 2010 where Rivera and his team delves into computer and cell phone records to extract information to be used in court as seen in numerous TV dramas and crime scene procedurals.

Rivera now strives to teach on the importance electronics and STEM education while the field itself expands rapidly. “Our enrichment educational services, now used in many schools, are leading the way for children by igniting a passion in students in STEM fields.”

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