What Can Be Recovered From A Cell Phone?

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    Data recovery involves an engineer accessing lost data on a cell phone, computer, tablet or other device through a variety of means. It can help in both criminal and civil investigations.

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    Cell Phone Data?

    Yes we can! Our team uses state of the art technology and tools to recover this type of data. No two cases are ever alike, so it's very important to make sure an expert is working on your case.

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What Can Be Recovered From A Cell Phone?

Advanced Micro Resource is capable of recovering data from thousands of potential scenarios. If the data still exists on the cell phone, it can be recovered.

Some of the more common types of data that we recover include:

Deleted Text Messages – SMS messages that have been intentionally or accidentally deleted are still stored on a cell phone’s SIM card, or occasionally on the phone’s flash memory (depending on the phone model and user settings). Deleted data is not actually destroyed, it’s simply marked as available space. If a cell phone is treated early enough by a knowledgeable analyst who can work with the data at a bit level, it’s often possible to fully recover SMS messages from a cell phone.

Pictures – Many cell phones have built in cameras, and when they crash or break, those pictures are completely inaccessible. Pictures can be quite large and complex, and data corruption can be a serious problem. Our analyst use new proprietary data recovery techniques to completely reconstruct each picture, providing our clients with a full, perfect copy of each digital image.

Phone Call Information – Some clients need cell phone logs and information, and this is usually 100% recoverable, as phone logs are kept together in a small area on most cell phone operating systems.

Other Types of Stored Data – Modern smart phones are capable of holding gigabytes of information, everything from documents to video and music. All of this information is recoverable, even after formatting and even when the cell phone itself will not power on or recognize when plugged into a computer.

If you need cell phone data recovery, you need expertise that can handle the challenges of modern phones and their data systems. Advanced Micro Resource can retrieve missing or inaccessible information from many cell phones, sometimes in a matter of days or even hours. For more information, contact us today at 661-377-2934.